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HammerTap 3.1.1011.38 - eBay Tool

How To Base Your eBay Success On Solid Research, Not Guesswork

Eliminate Risk
• Know if a product will sell and how much profit you'll make on it before you invest a dime.

Make More On Every Listing
• Arm yourself with the facts. Know the best end day for your auction, the most profitable start price to use and other ways to improve your listings to bolster your bottom line.

Sell More Often
• When you know which factors increase your chance to sell, you'll sell more often.

Find Emerging "Hot" Products Before Your Competition Does
• By the time a product makes the "hot list", the word's out. Find emerging hot products while profit margins reward you best.

Find Top Keywords eBay Users Use To Find YOUR Products
• Learn the power keywords and phrases buyers search with, because if they can't find your listings, they can't bid on them.

Discover Which Listing Features Make You More Profit
• Gallery pictures and other listing features are supposed to get your listings more attention. For your products, find out if they improve your chance to sell and how much more you'll make.

Know What Products To Sell
Base your decisions on facts. When choosing a lottery number, go ahead and feel free to guess. Just don't run your business that way.

You've got to get the right tools to ensure your success. If you're serious about making more money on eBay, you're going to need to invest in the right tools. You need solid research to consistently base your eBay listings on real-world listing data. Read on to see why HammerTap gives you the "Power to Profit."

Make More On Each Listing
There's no lack of eBay advice out there. Some tell you that to increase the closing bids of your auctions, use a low start price. Others will rant how you'll lose your shirt if you don't start higher. So who's right? They both are. Let me explain.

Every product performs differently at auction. A rule of thumb based in fact for one product may completely capsize your efforts if you use it on another type of product.

Start price is just the beginning. To make the most profit on each listing, you need to know what consistently works.

With HammerTap, you arm yourself with knowledge needed to predict future success based on many past listings.

Better yet, researching products you want to sell online only takes a few minutes with HammerTap. When you base your decisions on real data, you build confidence in your buying and selling choices. Trial and error are a thing of the past.

Sell More Products
To start with, you've got to know which products are selling well on eBay. When Beanie Babies were hot, you could sell every one you could get your hands on. If you were one of the fortunate who got in early enough, you probably made terrific money on them. Those who got in late were left holding the bag. They couldn't unload their inventory for even what they paid for them.

What Factors Make a Product Sell?
Here's just a few of the many factors which can make the difference between a profitable eBay auction and one that just costs you listing fees. In a minute or two you can research how each of these effects your chance to sell and your selling price with HammerTap:

• Best day of the week to start & end your auction
• The best start price to create a bidding frenzy
• Listing features (gallery pictures, bold, etc.)
• Keywords that get your auction found
• The best category to put your listing in
• ...and many more





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